10 Best Places to Live in Northern Ireland

10 Best Places to Live in Northern Ireland

10 Best Places to Live in Northern Ireland

We don’t often hear about Northern Ireland as much as we do the three other provinces because it’s the least discussed. If the 4 nations making the kingdom are ranked in order of popularity, we could go like England, Scotland, and, Wales. That’s why many people don’t have an idea of what living in Northern Ireland, the fourth province of the UK is. This time, we want to discuss the 10 best places to live in Northern Ireland.

This will prove that the part of Ireland that remained in the UK since 1921 is not faring badly at all. Please enjoy the discussion about the best places to live in Northern Ireland.

  1. Newtownards

Newtownards is a town, townland, and civil parish in County Down. It’s not far from Strangford Lough, another one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland that would be discussed later. Newtownards is at the northernmost tip of Strangford Lough. It is also 10 miles east of Belfast on the Ards Peninsula.

When Newtownards hit the headline on July 17, 2021, it was about the townland of Ballywatticock toward Mount Stewart, where temperature peaked 31.2 °C at 15:40. Besides that, it has a very low crime rate. The town has a lot of beautiful spots that can add colors to the quality of life. Places such as Movilla Abbey, Somme Heritage Center, and Mount Steward attract people to this town. The town’s residents are also entertained by sporting activities such as rugby, cricket, football, and motor racing. It is one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland.

  1. Fermanagh

Ireland’s Lakeland County of Fermanagh is the next of the 10 best places to live in Northern Ireland. It’s one of the six counties of the region, bordering the Republic. The county is renowned for its boating and fishing. Once a legendary dry plain, Fermanagh was believed to have magic well at its center with widely held tales of two lovers. Of course, the story around it makes the county. The lakes of Lough Erne stretching through 50 miles over the county were believed to result from bubbles from the water.

If you live in Fermanagh, you’ll be living in the roots of some famous people, including writer Rudyard Kipling and former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Ulysses Grant. Enniskillen, which we shall talk about later, is the county town of Fermanagh. You don’t generally hear about crime here and the cozy place has enough amenities.

  1. Ballycastle

Let’s next consider Ballycastle, a small seaside town in County Antrim. The deriving its name from the Irish expression “Baile an Chaistil,” the “town of the castle” is on the north-easternmost coastal tip of the region of the United Kingdom. Its harbor plays host to the ferry to Rathlin Island quite visible from the coast.

Anyone living in Northern Ireland and desires a harbor town to live near the coast should consider living in Ballycastle. If you’ve ever heard anything about the best places to live in Northern Ireland, you’ll realize that Ballycastle is frequently mentioned in such lists. According to The Sunday Times, this seaside town is one of five places in Northern Ireland considered the best places to live in Britain. The publication crowns it as actually the best place to live in the province. It receives accolades for offering a better quality of life to the majority of the residents in areas of education, health, crime control, and house prices.

  1. Hillsborough

Hillsborough is another opportunity to enjoy living in Northern Ireland amongst historic landmarks. Do you love hiking and exploring across sweeping Irish countryside? For you, Hillsborough may be considered as one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland as it offers all of this and many more. It is famous among tourists for its walking tours plus its Castle and Fort. Living in Hillsborough affords you the opportunity to explore its various lakes and forest areas. There is no shortage of what and where to eat and drink in this place of a close-knit community allowing everyone the opportunity to partake.

  1. Portrush

Portrush has every reason to be listed among the best places to live in Northern Ireland. It is another seaside spot where fun-seeking tourists and welcoming residents can blend nicely. Interestingly, there is a large student population in Portrush since it gives easy and direct access to the University of Ulster. This explains its vibrant nightlife, busy amusements, and arcades along the seafront every weekend. Those living in Northern Ireland find in this historically rich town plenty of unspoiled scenery and opportunities to enjoy secluded areas.

  1. Omagh

Omagh, the county town and the largest one in County Tyrone is the next to be considered. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Drumragh and Camowen forming the Strule, this former district council is home to the Western Education and Library Board and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Northern Ireland Roads Service at the Tyrone Hall is also there. It is the host town of the Department for Regional Development and the Northern Ireland Land and Property Services at Boaz House. All these make the small market town of Omagh established in 1610 one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland as it exposes residents to economic and technological benefits.

  1. Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough has many reasons to be on the list of best places to live in Northern Ireland. After many considerations, it has been named by many official sources as the best place to live in the region. If you’re moving to Northern Ireland and you want a tranquil life on the water, you don’t need to look any further than Strangford Lough, a well-connected lough if you can afford not to disturb the geese.

Breathtakingly beautiful tranquil home for all is protected from the Irish Sea by the friendly sheltering arm of the Ards Peninsula. Anyone craving an easy life close to one of nature’s loveliest watery playgrounds while living in Northern Ireland will be attracted to this place. Here you’d observe firsthand how thousands of Brent geese from Canada spend their winter.

  1. Magherafelt

We’re now getting to more popular places. One of them is Magherafelt that has been mentioned by international media covering Ireland as one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland. Although a humble town, its top schools and coffee are doing a lot to make it more influential. You can’t deny that this town is up when cool coffee shops are springing up in quick succession everywhere in the town. This, in turn, has glamorized Magherafelt in the beans market, making it one of the fastest-rising locations in Northern Ireland. The practical town, though limited in attractiveness, is one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland even for those on budget. It has something for everyone living in Northern Ireland. It has excellent schools in case you have a family. There are bars, restaurants, and stores for the enjoyment of all and sundry.

  1. Strangford

Never this place for Strangford Lough. This small village at the mouth of Strangford Lough is our next point as one of the best places to live in Northern Ireland. Strangford is located on the Lecale peninsula in County Down. Indeed, the ferry service between Strangford and the neighboring village of Portaferry on the other side of the lough and its harbor prove that it bears semblance to a strong sea inlet, the meaning of its name.

The historical past of Strangford as the home of King Magnus Olafson is still adding to the glory of the town even though it is not listed in the Strangford parliamentary constituency or Assembly constituency. The town is also home to two men’s football teams competing in the Newcastle and District Football League. The town hosts Strangford Castle near the harbor in Strangford. This 16th-century tower house with an imposing appearance has a drop hole at its roof level to defend the door. You may also love the Castle Ward, an intriguing mansion built around 1760. It is in two distinct architectural styles of Classical and Gothic and it is overlooking Strangford Lough.



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  1. Holywood

The proofs that Holywood, Co Down is one of the best places to live in the UK are inexhaustible. The seaside town, just 15 minutes from the center of Belfast, offers a wide range of activities, beaches, partying, shopping, and more. Since 2019, when The Sunday Times named it the best place to live in Northern Ireland, it has become so famous as the best place to live, work, and visit in Northern Ireland. You can have the best of both worlds in Holywood. You can enjoy browsing boutiques and stopping at coffee shops while retreating to the suburbs, especially on weekends.


While Belfast, Derry, and Ulster are also good places to live in Northern Ireland, their absence on this list is never an omission. At any rate, the beautiful landscapes are not the only draws of Ireland to visitors. Its rich unique heritage, distinctive culture, and fine foods are other reasons to move to Northern Ireland.

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