6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Victoria Secret

6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Victoria Secret

6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Victoria Secret

Let me tell you Victoria Secret! But is there really anything hidden about Victoria Secret? I dare not ask any who has seen those sensational and red-hot red carpet run shows. Victoria Secret contributes in no small way to these. Hey there! Are there things you ought to know about those queens showcasing the aptness of the lingerie? In reality, there are many of them. Here are 6 interesting facts you didn’t know about Victoria Secret!

Even though Victoria Secret Angels have graced a lot of fashion shows and we have seen a Victoria Secret shows winning a worldwide admiration, a lot of VS products are still stashed way in dresser drawers. They will tell you more. What you must realize is that there are some interesting facts you didn’t know about Victoria Secret. And that is what is about to be revealed in this article.

  1. The Digital Bra

Those bras are among the interesting facts you didn’t know about Victoria Secret. What is in them? They are a lot more than you see during Victoria Secret show. The bra is an incredibly a sports bra. It is equipped with the digital heart rate sensor that is compatible with most of the heart rates you can pick up in stores.

You would hardly find another bra technology ahead of Victoria Secret. If you were a Victoria Secret angel, your health has been taken care of, and you are safer in those digital bras. In a nutshell, before a doctor has to tell folks about their cardiovascular issues, the sensor must have indicated that thereby saving lives. Doctors even depend on the readings on the digital bra to make diagnoses.

  1. Is There Any Victoria

Who really is the Victoria in Victoria’s Secret fashion show and Victoria Secret? That is another one of the interesting facts you didn’t know about Victoria Secret. The simple truth is that there was no Victoria anywhere in the company. Then, how come we have Victoria Secret models? That is the intelligent innovation of Roy Raymond, the founder of the company. After deep thoughts, he came up with a name that evokes the store’s inspired interiors.

Raymond selected a moniker that he believed would complement the store’s chick. And he got it just right. There you see English-inspired stylish interior being complimented.

  1. Million-dollar Assets

When some first hear that a piece of Victoria Secret bra could sell for $70, they may have various feelings; anywhere from indifference to surprise. But one of the stunning facts you didn’t know about Victoria Secret is that those bras worn by Victoria secret models are ridiculously expensive. Some of them actually sell for millions of dollars.

The extravaganza of these Victoria Secret supermodels began in 1996 with Claudia Schiffer who appeared in a jewelry-studded bra worth 1 million dollars. Since then, the store has displayed fantasy bras in the range of 1 million dollars to 15 million dollars. Lily Aldridge was in a fantasy bra and matching panties with 6,500 million gems, costing 2 million dollars. The most expensive bras have been the ones used by supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum that worth 12.5 million dollars.

  1. Shoplifters Haven

One of the amazing facts you didn’t know about Victoria Secret is that some of those wearing the bras and panties actually stole them. Shoplifters are having field days in Victoria’s Secret stores because they want to appear like a model but do not have the means to the end. A Fairfield Connecticut store reported in 2014 that over $20,000 worth of goods have been pilfered.

A woman who was caught at the Pennsylvania store had already stolen lingerie from floor display 9 times; stealing goods valued at $24,000 before being caught. Two women were also reported to have grabbed a pile of goods, attacked the employee resisting them, and ran away.



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  1. Why There Was No Show in 2004

Do you remember Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during that infamous Super Bowl Halftime Show? The annual Fashion show did not hold as a result. Rather, the Victoria Secret Angels performed the Angle Across America Tour, visiting four cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. The 2004 Show was castigated as been pornographic and was canceled. There was a serious legal battle that followed.

  1. Victoria Secret’s Headquarters

Where is the headquarters of Victoria Secret? That is one of the puzzling facts you did not know about Victoria Secret. Raymond thought of faking the company’s address and used a 19th Century-style London address even though he mentioned the company’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.


Give it to them if it is their due, Victoria Secret is a famous fashion store. But it is more. It is also a model of success all businesses catering to the need for high-quality necessities need to emulate. If you too are thinking about the Victoria secret models, you can consider it a fashion hub for users of lingerie.

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