Canada Travel Guide

canada travel guide

Canada Travel Guide

You must surely visit Canada before fulfilling your tourism dream. You can’t afford to miss those face-to-face encounters with nature. This is in addition to a lot of cultural events and fine meals over there. The Canada travel guide you’re reading promises to take you to Canada and Canada to you.

Your visit to the second-largest country in the world will show you the perfect blend of French and English culture. Canadians are so lovely and wonderful. Any Canada travel guide that fails to mention the deserts, rain forests, tundras, and huge mountains is not worthy of your time.

It will be pointless for a Canada travel guide to attempt to tell you everything about touring Canada. However, this one will highlight why you should visit Canada, the best time to visit Canada, interesting things to do in Canada, and the best places to visit in Canada.


Why You Should Visit Canada

Have you ever wondered why Canada is among the countries that enjoy top tourism ratings? Canada has wonderfully rich attractions that should compel you to visit. Our Canada travel guide will explain some of these.

Unity in diversity

Despite the variety of cultures in Canada, you need to visit the country to see how the diverse cultures blend together to make a solid beautiful country. Canada’s diversity is also reflected in the climates, flora and fauna, and nature in general. The urban hubs are full of various ethnic restaurants and well-planned market districts.

Friendly people

Canada Travel Guide

You don’t need to wonder why Canada is among the most peaceful countries. The people are just so friendly. You need only five minutes with a Canadian to confirm this. Pleasing words like “please,” “sorry,” and “thanks” aren’t scarce in Canada. The smiles are contagious, and the countenances are welcoming. They’re ever willing to help foreigners.

Specialty foods cuisines

Foods are enough reason to visit Canada. Each region and ethnicity has favorites and specialties. You may be confusing a Canadian waiter if you requested Canadian cuisine. For example, a taste of Poutine, the delight of French Canada in Quebec, will take you back there. This food of cheese curds on chips immersed in gravy is so delicious. Oh! Wait! The maple will hardly be missing in a Canada travel guide that discusses the country’s food. Maple leaves and maple syrup will increase your appreciation of trees in Canada forests. But move no farther, the flag says it all. It’s not only about this delicious snack. We can say a lot more about pierogi, parcels filled with potatoes used by Canadians as an appetizer?

Great outdoor activities

We just mentioned national parks and remotest places. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy in Canada. You can’t afford to be in your room for a day throughout your visit. From fossil hunting to hiking and ‘portaging’ (canoeing between lakes), a lot of activities are beckoning at you. You can also watch whales in the Gulf and the San Juan Islands or partake in bungee jump in the Cheakamus River. If you are a wild lover or a thrill-seeker, you would love to skate the Rideau Canal or visit Toronto’s Centreville Amusement Park.

Canada’s big cities

Another reason to visit Canada is to discover its many big cities which are great to live in. Toronto, the commercial capital and Canada’s cultural and entertainment center, and Vancouver, the home of nature and adventure lovers are worthy reasons to visit the country. Then comes Ottawa where there is always one festival and another coming soon and going on. The city of Quebec has a lot of heritage sites and monuments that can be delightful and amusing to all visitors. But you have to be told also that you will enjoy long road trips in Canada. They are a must-do if you are to visit remote spots and national parks.

Amazing seasons

The seasons are amazing in Canada! Contributing great outdoor activities is the thrilling season in the country. From the harsh winters to the warm summers, there is a totally different range of seasons. The winter affords you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of ski and snow activities anywhere you are in the country. So you don’t have to lament the outgoing summer when you were in those parks or hiking. You need to go to Canada to observe how the change in temperature in Autumn will leave the leaves stunning and pretty.


Best Time to Visit Canada

When is the best time to visit Canada? No Canada travel guide can tell you that in affirmative. The time to go depends on several factors, including your purpose of visit. For example, if you’re looking to weather, your best time to go will be different from that of a tourist on a tight budget. Nevertheless, this Canada travel guide gives you an idea of what to expect at any given time you visit.


Winter is well established in January and everywhere in Canada is cold. But you can still catch some fun. The world’s largest natural ice rink at Skateway, Ontario offers you what you need.


This is the peak of winter in Canada. Yet, this coldest month is the time when winter festival and ski season are in revving up. If you can brave the chill, you can enjoy events like Saint-Boniface’s French-Canadian heritage celebrated by Festival du Voyageur for a week. There’s also the Québec Winter Carnival that runs for 17 days in February.


This is still a cold month and witnesses a low turnout of visitors. But along West Coast, Vancouver sees the early arrival of spring, and the annual cherry blossom festival is held around that period of the year. You’re bound to see plenty of maple about this time.


If you want to visit Canada when it is warm and you are on a budget, April can be best for you. In addition to being able to enjoy ski season on the highest mountains, you can be a part of the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto. You can also join the Vancouver Sun Run.


By this time, the weather has stabilized but the summertime rush hasn’t come. There can be pockets of rain. The 10-day Canadian Tulip Festival takes place in Ottawa.


It’s getting warm in June but not yet humid. Crowds will begin to emerge at national parks and other popular tourist destinations. Pesky black flies will be everywhere to join you in welcoming tourists. So you need a bug spray if you’re camping.

July and August

These are the months of the biggest festivals, carnivals, and events, both cultural and national in Canada. The hot and humid weather will not prevent tourist centers from being jam-packed. To enjoy the best sight and scenes during this month, prepare for very high flight fares and hotel rates as all are fully booked. Everywhere, except Vancouver, is hot and muggy. Festivals such as Canada Day, Calgary Stampede take place in July while Edmonton Folk Festival comes up in August.


Cool temperature with fall foliage takes the charge. This may be a good time to visit. High turnout of tourists may be expected on Labor Day weekend in September. You can attend events like the Vancouver Fringe and the Toronto International Film Festival.


This is the peak of Fall foliage. The stunning look of the month is accompanied by events such as Canadian Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest, a two-week event held in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.


The winter is here and the weather is cool everywhere. This is the time you can spend low on travel deals. Ski season ramps up this month. So you can still spend some time outside. Santa Claus Parades and Ottawa Food &Wine Show are the major events this time.


Snow may appear this month due to the very cold weather. There are still outdoor activities to enjoy in Canada. These are in connection with Christmas when visitors and locals will be after airfare and hotel bargains. Boxing Day is a great deal.

From this, it’s clear that any time can be the best time to visit Canada.


Interesting Things to Do in Canada

Our Canada travel guide has made efforts to show you the best among the interesting things to do in Canada.

Hit the mountains and slopes

If you visit during the winter months, it will interest you to climb the mountains where you enjoy the best of skiing and snowboarding. The slopes in the popular Banff mountain town are always busy in the winter months welcoming locals and visitors as they hit the slopes. Other great skiing destinations are Mont Tremblant, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Sunshine Village, and Whistler Blackcomb among others.

Take hiking to the rainforest

If you want to have a wonderful feel of some of the Vancouver Island temperate rain forest, hike the Pacific Rim National Park. Being one of the most popular parks in Canada, it is home to Pacific Silver Fir, Western Hemlock, and Western Red Cedar among others.

Travel by road

Though Canada is a huge country, it is best explored by traveling on the road. That’s how you can see those tiny little towns, amazing countryside, majestic mountains, and many of the off-the-beaten-track places you’ve read. You will get the opportunity to enjoy long stretches of driving without gas stations or rest stops. Just be by your family in the car throughout the day.

Stroll the nation’s capital

Strolling the nation capital, yes exploring it on foot is one of the best things to do in Canada. This allows you to see art galleries, museums, and a lot of shops. In this charming city, you can stroll the Parliament Hill, the seat of the government of Canada. Crossing the Ottawa River in the capital will also be interesting. If you cannot visit those museums, you may simply roam around the busy Byward Market area or admire the dexterities in the craft breweries in Westboro. Don’t forget to try a beavertail, that flaky, sweet pastry, during your stay there.

Pretend to be a cowboy

Yes, you guess right! That’s an activity for everyone in Calgary during July. Thousands of people go down to Calgary for the multi-day rodeo with drinking event and carnival. Within these few days filled with lots of fun, you will meet millions of people from around the world pretending to be a cowboy wearing their boots and hats. You too would want to fit in! If you save some money to have a taste of the unique festival food, you can join the queue for one of the popular tents.

Go and see wildlife

Head to Yukon for your nature fix. You don’t have to tour the Yukon Wildlife Preserve before you see a bear, elk, and deer. But you’ll definitely see them and many more in the wildlife. While still Yukon, hike in the Tombstone Territorial Park and bath in a mineral hot pool at the Takhini Hot Springs. If you visit Yukon, you won’t love to stay again in the major cities in the south of Canada.

Go and see the galleries

You have a lot of galleries to see in Canada if can spare about a day or two in Toronto. You’ll admire some of the best of arts. Two of the most famous places are the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario. There are also smaller specialty galleries like the Textiles Museum of Canada and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

View the Aurora Borealis

In this Canada travel guide, we make bold to tell you that you’ll find it interesting to view the Aurora Borealis when you go to the small town of Churchill, Manitoba. Though is insignificant, it is the world’s dual capital; for Polar Bear and Beluga Whale. Go and ride in a tundra buggy and enjoy lively nature thriving here.


How to Travel Canada on a Strict Budget

For real, he who is broke can’t enjoy the stunning sights and scenes available for tourists. If you’re on a tight budget and you want to travel Canada, this Canada travel guide has some tips for you.

  1. Carefully choose the mode of transportation

No doubt, transportation takes a very large share in the travel budget because tourists must move around. But it doesn’t have to tear your pocket if you choose the best mode for your circumstance. Consider traveling by the cheapest of them. Take advantage of the recently surging competition in the aviation industry by checking the budget airlines such as Flair Airlines, Jetlines, and Swoop and book their low-cost tickets.

Traveling by train offers unique experiences as a fast and efficient, comfortable mode that provides some ground-level views. If you check on Tuesdays, there are several discount tickets and special offers. Road travel can be a huge cost saver. If you’re traveling as a couple or a family, consider driving a car. If you don’t mind the lengthy driving, you’ll enjoy stellar views and feel entertained by unique activities along the way.

  1. Don’t leave your lodging to chances

There are several affordable accommodations apart from hotels you can book in advance to enjoy the discount. Consider using Airbnb. These come with lower costs and yet allow you to live like locals. They can be a good alternative to hotels.

Campsites in Canada afford tourists the opportunity of enjoying fresh air while helping to cut down on accommodation spending. If you’re traveling solo, hostels can be low budget accommodations in Canada. Because of less privacy that if offers, you can spend quality time with fellow travelers from around the world.

  1. Eat within your means

You can eat smart and save a lot from the meals budget. You don’t have to eat in exotic restaurants if you can’t afford it; there are many alternatives that can help you cut the cost. Some tourists choose accommodation with kitchen amenities and do the cooking themselves. You can even buy locally grown produce to further reduce costs on food. If you have a pack snacks, you can take your eyes off the expensive snacks and water at tourists’ destinations. You won’t be splurging if you asked the locals about where and how to buy ingredients cheaply. 

  1. Find cheap or free activities

Do you know you can catch big fun without spending a dime or too much? There are a lot of free and cheap activities everywhere in Canada. Look for this, and don’t break your budget. If the tourist attraction that gives you reasons to visit Canada is too expensive, book for tickets in advance; it always attracts discounts. Most of the Canadian cities have festivals that can be attended free or with low tickets all year round. By checking the local directories of each city, you can find these. Most outdoor activities don’t have price tags. And some National Parks charge little admission fees.

  1. Compare deals from several sources

Different Canada travel guides direct your attention to different deals. If you take your time to hunt down as many deals as you can find on the websites of travel agents, you’ll find just the right deal for your traveling Canada on a strict budget.

With good planning and advance preparation, you can travel Canada on a strict budget and still not miss out on the best Canada tourism experience.


Best Places to Visit in Canada

It’s difficult to point to the best places to visit in Canada since beautiful places are so many. This Canada travel guide has considered all of that and listed the top best below.

  1. Banff

Lovers of skiing and hiking can have a nice stay at Banff National Park while floating down the Bow River. From there, they’ll retire to one of the many opulent hotels to get soothig rspa therapy. Columbia Icefield and Moraine Lake are among places you have to touch as you visit this tiny mountain town nestled amid foothills in Alberta in Canadian Rockies.

  1. Vancouver

You can’t afford to stay indoor when you visit Vancouver. You’ll love to join the locals skiing on Grouse Mountain and swimming at Kitsilano Beach. You’ll also enjoy a stroll through the sprawling Stanley Park. Go to Vancouver to see a lot of cultural attractions such as museums and outdoor markets. Those who can dare the heights can go to Capilano Suspension Bridge 5 miles north of the city center. The bridge is 230 feet above the river.

  1. Quebec

Quebec City derives its glamour in the picturesque old buildings standing tall for centuries. This makes the Old Quebec a UNESCO World Heritage Site that visitors throng. You have to resist the urge of the freshly baked bread aroma and that of brewing espresso as these fill the cobblestone streets. Also, try to see the Montmorency Falls Park and be amazed by its 272-foot-tall waterfall.

  1. Prince Edward Island

Green hills and red sandstone cliffs are the unique features that will tell you that you’re in a place to relax to get respite from Canada’s adventurous city life. We are talking about Prince Edward Island where you will not only enjoy the beach but also swing at one of the golf courses on the island.

  1. Whistler

British Columbia is proud to have Whistler Village where travelers can spend their downtime. The resort town has everything that makes a tourist destination. From skiing to snowboarding, bobsled rides to bungee jumping and après-ski scene, or strolling through Whistler Olympic Plaza; you have a lot to visit for. But if you’re a warm-weather visitor, Brandywine Falls Provincial Park should be your favorite. This is the location of a 230-foot-tall waterfall from that gives the park its name.

  1. Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The major attraction of this national park situated on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island is its world-renown Cabot Trail. One-third of it runs through the park. One of the most scenic drives is the drive along the winding highway. You’re sure to pass along forested river canyons and rural fishing villages together with plenty of lookout points that won’t fail your admiration. You can choose from any of its 26 hiking trails if you want to explore the park on foot.


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Before you leave British Columbia, take some time to visit Okanagan Valley, the home of about 84% of vineyard acreage in the province. If you love to learn about varieties of wine or want to taste specialty wines, about 200 wineries are there to serve you. The valley has several sub-regions with unique experiences. Your wine tasting can be combined with outdoor activities in Naramata Beach. The area provides you with kayaking, mountain biking, and a lot more.


Canada certainly enjoys universal accolades for being a country of natural wonders. This perhaps contributes to its being recognized as a country where life is really worth living to the full. Canada is not just the most multi-cultural country on this planet; the gap between Canada and other countries in cultural diversity is far apart. In our Canada travel guide, we can’t agree less.

That may also explain why there are plenty of overseas students in Canada while the number of applicants for students visa in Canada is ever increasing. With Red Leaf, your visit to Canada can be planned to be tailor-made such that you will stay there beyond you initially thought. 

If you have the means, try spending your entire vacation weeks traveling from one end of Canada to another. Make this Canada travel guide your companion. It will help you to make the best out of your next trip to Canada.

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