The Pros and Cons of Living In Canada

The Pros and Cons of Living In Canada

The Pros and Cons of Living In Canada

Canada is one of the most spectacular countries to live in. Arguably one of the countries most people want to visit, move and live in is Canada, the winter city of the world! But how almost everything with even things with great advantages has its disadvantages still beats many people’s imagination. So, each country has its pros and cons of living in them; also, Canada does! But Canada is a strong option, particularly for U.S. ex-pats and other European countries. So, there are pros and cons to living in Canada!

Moving to and living in Canada, somewhere completely new, is an enormous undertaking. True, many things can take you there, like moving to follow love, work purposes, school, or getting a fresh start somewhere new.

In this video, we will be looking at the pros and cons of living in Canada. Do you want to move and live in Canada? Then you should know what you should look forward to when you live in Canada. You should know the advantages of Canada being a desirable place to live in. It would be best if you also were prepared to tackle and cross the hurdle of the cons you will encounter as an ex-pat. But before we dive into this, I must add a disclaimer that these are just personal opinions. You are in for quite an enlightenment so let us dive right in. Let us kick off with the PROS”




It is a known fact that Canadians are one of the nicest, polite and welcoming people you can ever come across. They are super polite that they will even deny it. If you’re an immigrant or a visitor, you virtually have nothing to be concerned about such as xenophobia or racism; Canadians will be warm and friendly. 

They are also reputable for apologizing for everything. Seriously, “sorry” is probably one of the most spoken words in a Canadian’s mouth. They smile a lot, chat with everyone, and offer to help strangers. They offer a helping hand with the door, give up their seats to people in need, and say “please” and “thank you” for every request, no matter how small. In addition to these, crime rate in Canada is low, which makes you as an ex-pat feel safe.


  1. Canada is a Multicultural City 

Canada has people seemingly from every race and creed coexisting walking hand in hand along its beautiful streets. It is a striking thing about Canada. Sure, people living in Canada are so proud of the pretty trees in the fall, but they are proudest of their multiculturalism. Toronto, most significantly, is known for its multiculturalism. They have sections of the city where each community first arrived and developed. 

Even though there are no longer strict boundaries, we still see people living in Canada with similar cultural heritage sticking to one another and proudly raising the banners of their origin. So, there is a strong sense of community in Canada that will feel so strange to you, especially if you come from a clime that values individuality above all else.


  1. Canada Is Liberal Country

Canada is so progressive, and that is why they are so liberal. They have progressive policies that help them be one of the most liberal countries in the world. The people in government offices are from different ethnicities and are fifty percent males, fifty percent females; hence, gender inequality is not a problem. Living in Canada allows you to be who you want to be without any issue. Amazing, right?


  1. Most Educated Country In The World 

Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world. People living in Canada can boast about that. Canada is only one of several nations featured in the Top 10 for math, literacy, and science. The country also has the most significant proportion of working-age adults in the world who have undergone higher education. 

About 55 % compared to the developed world’s 35 % average. It is because Canada’s educational system is well-balanced, and the country is well known for providing the funding needed to make its schools accessible and a success.


  1. Canada Has Small Population

Despite Canada being the largest country in the Western Hemisphere, it still has a small population. That is why they allow more people to immigrate into the country. The Canadian government is very intentional at attracting foreign workers to boost the population and increase economic growth. Doing this helps solve skill shortages in many industries.

Now there is nothing this GREAT that doesn’t have a downside so let us take a peek at the CONS:


  1. People Are Not Straightforward 

So, one of the cons of living in Canada is that people living in Canada are not straightforward. Canadians are so lovely, polite, and welcoming. Funny how a pro can also be a con for living in Canada when considered differently. You will always find those living in Canada friendly, even with the truth. Some people may not like this with people living in Canada because they want people to be honest with them when they need to be. So would you prefer people living in Canada to be straightforward with you or not?


  1. Very Dark And Cold In The Winter

Winter in Canada is FREEZING! And very dark! Almost cringeworthy, if you have fear of the darkness! Except if you stay in certain places in Canada, you are likely to experience real cold, especially around the northern part of Canada. It is because Canada is one of the coldest Places to live in during the winter.

While some people may believe that the snow improves the landscape’s natural beauty, the cold might not be something you would like as an ex-pat who plans to live in Canada.


  1. Education Is Very Expensive

Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for international students because it offers diverse experiences and opportunities in a country known for its vast expanses, multicultural cities, and natural beauty. But one of the cons of studying and living in Canada is that education is expensive there, especially for international students. 

It may be cheap compared to the U.S., but it is expensive compared to other parts of the world. According to stats Canada, on Average, an undergrad will cost CAD 6,838 per year and CAD 7,056 per year for a graduate degree. So, if you plan to study in Canada, you must plan for that. Well, one may hustle for scholarships to help through your stay in Canada as an ex-pat student.


  1. Houses Are Very Expensive      

One major con about living in Canada is that houses are costly in Canada. Depending on the city you choose to live in in Canada, an average house will cost over CAD 800,000. I will tell you why it is funny. It is funny because Canada is one of the biggest countries with a small population, and their houses are made of wood, and they have a lot of trees. One can only wonder why houses should be that expensive! 

Funny right? Generally, the cost of living in Canada is expensive due to rising housing costs. Rents tend to be high, especially in bigger cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Most people, especially the younger ones, still live at home because houses are very expensive to rent. On a general level, the costs you will face when living in Canada are much higher than living in other countries.


  1. It’s Expensive To Travel Around Canada 

If you love to travel a lot, you might have issues living in Canada because traveling around Canada is expensive. `To safely and efficiently travel around Canada, you might have to get a personal car for yourself. Living in Canada will mean saving a bit longer for your dream trips. But the fun fact is that traveling outside Canada is less expensive. Maybe due to the expensive transport fare, more people are returning to using bikes to commute within the town. That is, the popularity of biking to work is increasing. Some neighborhoods in Halifax, Vancouver, and Quebec City see 20% of commuters getting to work by bike, though this statistic dips significantly through the cold winter months.


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It’s also fairly common for residents to use public transport, but automobiles are still the most prevalent option. It’s also worth noting the prevalence of air travel, as Canada is a large country and cars and trains don’t suffice for some longer trips, especially coast to coast.


Despite these pros and cons of living in Canada, many people dream of a move to Canada. The quality of life and spectacular scenery make Canada an attractive home to so many people worldwide. So, come and enjoy the beauty of Canada also.





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